President’s Message
Leader. Visionary. Filipino
Our company is currently at the forefront of a modern-day revolution that seeks to change the way agribusiness is being done in our country. 
We are commencing a revolution in the conduct of agriculture research and enterprise. The company has invested heavily on acquiring the most promising technologies, as we hope this would increase significantly crop production while minimizing its impact on Mother Nature. We have searched the world over to find the most sustainable way to harness the giftedness of our fertile land.  
We are committed to a revolution of empowering our local farmers as a fine expression of cultivating life. Apart from our land, I believe that our people are our best asset. We encourage educating farmers, along with their children, on trades that tap the benefits of latest technologies, as well as instilling in them the values of integrity and hard work. 
We also hope to see the way we make available agro-products to farmers and merchants alike revolutionized too. As you may have heard, we hope to open 1000 retail stores throughout the country in the next few years. 

Here at Calata Corporation, the beginning and end of all our endeavors are informed by the principle to cultivate life. 

It would be my utmost joy to invite you to join the bandwagon of optimism our company strives to work for and no less become.