About the Company
CALATA CORPORATION is one of the biggest agricultural conglomerates in the Philippines.
Upon its IPO, its market capitalization was estimated to be over Php 2.7 billion. The company prides itself as the largest retailer and distributor of top agrochemical brands, feeds, fertilizers, veterinary medicines and seeds throughout the country.
CALATA CORPORATION fully owns and operates its own chain of retail stores named AGRI - the largest retailer of the country’s choice brands such as AGRI Crop Protection, Heisenberg veterinary medicines, Thomson and Hine, as well as Ivansmith agrochemicals. Collectively, they comprise what is dubbed as the fastest growing brands in their respective segments.
In a partnership deal contracted with one of China’s largest agro-businesses New Hope Group, Calata Corporation now owns Golden Bean Feeds. The same would be carried by all AGRI stores nationwide.
CALATA CORPORATION also carries local and multinational brands such as Bayer, Syngenta, Bmeg, Jardine, Monsanto, Dupont, Sinochem, Leads Agri, Planters Products, Swire and Yara.
CALATA CORPORATION has built its legacy upon the foundations of hard work, innovativeness, industry and belief in the innate giftedness of the Filipino people.
Incorporated in 1999 as Planters Choice Agro Products, CALATA CORPORATION represents the success story of an industry emerging triumphant from all challenges of start-up entrepreneurship. From its humble beginnings as a retail store in Plaridel, Bulacan, CALATA CORPORATION has seen a growth so steady and exponential, so much so that it is now dubbed as one of the most promising PSE-listed firms in the country.
The company operates on a strategy that brings together the benefits of modern technology and employment of the best talents in the industry.
The Chairman and CEO of Calata Corporation is Mr. Joseph Calata. It was under his vision-driven leadership that CALATA CORPORATION was included in the prestigious list of 1000 Top Corporations in the Philippines.
Some notable milestones of the company include:
·        A retail store in Plaridel, Bulacan was opened sometime in 1977 under the name Melvins Trading. It would become the humble beginning of what would later on emerge as the leading agro-conglomerate in the country to date. 
·        The small company would be incorporated as Planter’s Choice Agro Products Inc., with authorized capital of Php 1 Million in 1999.
·        It welcomed the leadership of Mr. Joseph Calata in 2001. Joseph Calata bought the company's first Personal Computer and printer in 2001.
·        In 2002, the company hired its first salesman. The first exponential increase of company revenue by as much as Php 200 million would be generated in 2003
·        The company would reach Php 1 Billion in sales in 2006. 
·        The doubling of company revenue by as much as Php 2.2 billion in 2012 is achieved.
·        CALATA CORPORATION is formally enlisted in the Philippine Stock Exchange thru IPO as a publicly traded company in 2012, making Mr. Joseph Calata as the youngest Chairman and CEO of a listed company at 31 years old.


CALATA CORPORATION’S headquarter is located at Level 16 Tower 2, The Enterprise Center Ayala Ave Makati City Philippines.